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Thread: Minox hg 8,5x52 br [yard]

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    Minox hg 8,5x52 br [yard]

    SPEC BELOW.350 PLUS P&PAttachment 8888
    The new MINOX HG reference class in binoculars Now with extended field of view and Made in Germany

    With their sharp optics and natural color rendition the MINOX HG binoculars already rank in the top binocular engineering class. Now MINOX engineers have been able to extend the field of view of both model ranges
    by up to 15 %, demonstrating the latest technologies in the manufacturing of high quality binoculars. These binoculars are made at our parent plant in Wetzlar, a further reference for highest optical performance.

    "Made in Germany" at MINOX is a mark that stands for quality, precision and solidity and expresses our corporate philosophy. A guarantor of meticulous care and precision during the entire development and production process and of products that meet uncompromising demands.

    The new HG binoculars deliver maximum performance in every discipline. For instance, the 21 layers of the M* multicoating and the silver-bearing Minobright reflection of the phase-corrected roof prisms. Excellent handling of the binoculars is made possible using the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) feature developed by MINOX. Just a single turn of the focusing knob is enough to adjust a sharp image from infinity to close-up, enabling a very fast adjustment in the near-focus range and precision focusing at greater distance outstanding optical performance for superb viewing.

    Up to 15 % extended field of view
    Depending on the HG model used, the optimized and newly calculated
    prisms and eyepieces offer the hunter an extended field of view of up to 15 %
    Glass from the SCHOTT AG, Mainz, Germany
    The high-tech optical glass is "Made in Germany" by the
    Mainz based SCHOTT AG, which is a subsidiary of the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, German
    glass pioneers.
    Distance-scale for a quick distance-setting
    A quick glance at the focusing wheel makes these binoculars a reliable rangefinder.
    The scale on the focusing wheel of the MINOX HG binoculars gives information of
    the distance to the object focused on.

    The new MINOX Quick-Close Focus system needs only one turn of the focusing wheel to adjust the HG-binoculars from close to infinite.

    Clear viewing thanks to MINOTEC (only APO HG)
    Thanks to MINOTEC technology the objective lenses can be cleaned quickly and
    convenient. Dust and dirt particles are wiped away with ease.

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    Hi mmbeatle,

    Is this bino still for sale?
    Please PM me, thanks.


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    Cheque is in the post.

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    at what sort of range does the range-finding mechanism seem accurate? I read on a bird-watching forum that it's to within 10% +/-, but only reliable out to 50 yards?...just curiuos about your experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    at what sort of range does the range-finding mechanism seem accurate? I read on a bird-watching forum that it's to within 10% +/-, but only reliable out to 50 yards?...just curiuos about your experiences.
    PKL, at very short range only, I would have thought 30-40m max. No use at all as a range finder.

    If you look at the adjustment wheel, it takes about 180 deg of turn from 4m to 50m From 50m to infinity is about 10-15 deg on the wheel.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have foung them accurate up to around 90 yards or so

    thx mark......

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