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Thread: steiner 8x30 marine binoculars

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    steiner 8x30 marine binoculars

    Hi, anyone had any experience of steiner bino's 8x30;s marine. thanks

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    I take it thats a no then

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    I've only ever used the Navigator ones with the built in compass, think they were 7x50, and they where excellent.
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    Thanks i just wanted a cheapish pair, and have been offered a marine 8x30 by a mate but he's all at sea til next weekend

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    I had the older set but changed them for nighthunter 8x30. Excellent but loose light quickly with a 30mm ob lens. the darkness would come in but the 7x42 swarri scope still gave a clear picture long after the bins was foggy. That said they serve me well. Jim

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    I've a pair of Leupold 8x42 windriver that are not expensive and having compared them to some top end glass would highly recommend them, they see past the capability of any scope
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    I Bought a pair of Steiner Ranger Pro 8x42 as a leightweight pair for Africa. when i went to purchase them i wasoriginally intending to purchase another set of Zeiss or Swarovskis like my main binos, but i can honestly say that i was astonsished by the quality of the Steiner ranger pros especially for less than 400

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    Theres a lad from york guns whos now got an ebay shop and is now selling steiner marines for 99 which is a cracking price, hes also selling schmidt pm11's for around 1600

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    Macleod's are selling Steiner 8 x 42 for 352, cheapest I've found.
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    I bought a pair of these from York guns. They were advertised on ebay. I have had no problems with them, good glass for the money if you ask me.

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