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Thread: Hungary gun shops /shooting supplies

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    Hungary gun shops /shooting supplies

    A friend is travelling to Hungary,unfortunatley outside the capital of Budapest and is looking for a good gunshop to get some supplies.

    He is travelling to a city called Mako anywhere within a 20 mile radius would be helpful

    Can anyone help in providing any details of any gunshops in that area



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    Hi Jonevo,
    I know it was a while ago but when I was working in Hungary in 1995/6 there was a superb gun shop in Mohacs & another in Pecs. These may be a little outside of where your friend is prepared to travel but might be worth a trip if he has a day spare (Pecs is a lovely city & Mohacs is an interesting border/port town on the Danube). I would imagine there would also be a gun shop in Szeged which would be nearer but I've not spent enough time there to know.
    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks martin for the information and I will pass it on,
    Thanks again


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