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Thread: surprise bank hol guests

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    surprise bank hol guests

    Had this little lot on the lawn this afternoon!!!!! Talk about late!!

    Sorry not stalking but I thought some might be interested

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    god they are late starters dont hold much hope for them making winter but who knows if we get a late indian summer

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    see you have the water out have you put out some food

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    crackin !!! ive a couple of broods of red legs here but the chicks are droppin in numbers everytime i see them

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    have a spring feeder on the lawn for the hens and have had to upto 18 phessies on it in winter. Just a surprise to see the chicks

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    Im still seeing red leg chicks around the place. It does seem a bit late.


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    I found a guinea fowl beside the pond in the field that was sat on 15 eggs when it went to feed i moved them and put them in a incubator they wouldny have survived i already have about 20 under a red light


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