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Thread: Handmade knives for sale

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    Handmade knives for sale

    Some of you will know I enjoy making knives as a hobby and recently I have had either interest here and requests from my friends to make them knives. I have made a few recently and am offering them for sale on here. The knives are all designs that I have used when gralloching deer and also used by others so they have proved their worth in the field as such. All the blades are 01 carbon tool steel of around Rockwell 58-59 so take an excellent can shave with them all. The blade here is a full flat grind with a secondary 'scandi' bevel.

    The first is a small skinner with a grey Kydex sheath so it can be either placed in the pocket or worn via a lace aroundthe neck. 85 inc secure postage...over 18s only of course.
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    Do you make knives to order at all? If so I would be interested in knowing the costs etc. Thanks in advance.

    This looks like a very well made knife but not suitable for my current needs otherwise at that price I would have it.

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    Hi Jamross, thanks for the feed back about the knife as always difficult to know where to pitch a price as such as I do this for a hobby so my prices are based on the time a knife takes me and work invloved and of course a comparission of other knives that are for sale by other makers. At the moment I wasnt doing 'comissions' as such but if you PM me your needs I will see if I can make what you require.



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    Nice work on them.

    Can I be bold enough to venture my own opinion that the pin is located too close to the bolster..the spacing seems a bit awkward to me...not a criticism just an observation from someone that would love to make his own knives but hasnt the ability to do so.

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    Hi John

    The pins are close to the front of the scales for an important reason.If they are not there is the small possiblity of the scales (the wooded slabs) becoming detatched from the blade bank as the area where the pins are would be the area where delamintation could occur if the knife was levered along that plane ( though you would be unwise to with any knife ). The blank itself can have the pins mounted in many positions along the handle but always best to err caution and put a pin forward or use three pins along the length or use two small pins at the front.


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    Thanks Pete as said ..nice knives!

    I do like the fellas that get out into the shed and give it a go..I`m a gunna do it one day fella haha.

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    Get you ass in you shed and have a go at making a knife , lifes to short to think about it, trust me you will be able to do it if you take your time. I was exactly the same then thought sod it I will give it a bash. My first knife was from an old file and it turned out pretty good , then I got kind of hooked. If you want to make one PM me and I will send you advice and if you want I can grind you a blade then you can do the handles and sheath ect yourself. One thing I can tell you is you will get so much satisfaction out of using a knife you made yourself and even more so when you give someone a knife you have made yourself for a thank you. Ive given away several knives now to people off this site who have given me advice,help or a stalk and know that when I have given them a knife I have spent many hours making they take as a huge thank me its what its all about.


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    Price drop....75 with postage

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    Chickenman man thats a nice knife and i would love a hand made knife but like Jamross i would like mine made to my own speck for my type of stalking. I will send you a pencil drawing if you pm me your email address.

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