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Thread: Handmade knives for sale

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    Handmade knives for sale

    Following on from my other advert. I also have two Pukko Scandi design stalking knives. This is the knife I use for stalking and is great in use. The two knives here both have Kydex sheaths , I have made them to be worn in the small of the back or on the strap of a roe sack or rucksack. If you want them to be worn on the belt then all that needs to be done it to purchase a Teklock (think thats spelt correctly) or get the cobbler to make you up a belt loop and attatch to the kydex loop. Once agasin 01 carbon steel and a 20 degree scandi grind. Each knife is for sale for 130 including postage, they would normally be 145-50 but have a tiny scratch where they have slid into the Kydex sheath. This in no way affects there performance and would of course scratch in use anyway, just thought it fair to make a buyer aware.

    The first knife has a blue Corian handle which has been polished, this is a 'chunky' handle for someone with larger hands. The second knife has a Jack Wood handle, of the Jack Fruit tree that has been stabilized and has red fibre liners.
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    Like the blue one handle and blade legth please
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    3 3/4 inch blade, 7 4/4 total length and 3.5-4mm thickness steel

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    Wooden handled knife now sold

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    Price Drop...I need to to buy more steel so reduced to 100, also have another one of the wooden handle ones exactly the same as the other also 100, if you buy and dont like you can return for a refund if unused.


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