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Thread: Warning to those with leases and a possessive attitude

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    Warning to those with leases and a possessive attitude

    Imagine this if you will. A young lad who is very keen having done level 1 at 16 now with his sgc gets permission from an land owner (and family friend) to shoot in a few specific fields for vermin, mainly pigeons but rabbits too. He doesn't shoot in any of the woodland and is very grateful for what he has, helping out on the ground with harvest or whatever needs done.

    On the other side of things a guy has the deer shooting rights and basically claims absolute supremecy and thinks all other ground users may only do so with his permission and at times he allows. A run in occurs through a third person and basically the young lad is strongly warned off shooting the ground because this other guy paid for the rights over it and pigeon shooting is not necessary now the crop has been harvested so he doesn't need to be there.

    The owner of the land hears about this and in a nutshell tells the lad to carry on whenever he feels like it on the fields agreed and says some interesting things. So the warning is simple. Don't think just because you have paid for deer shooting rights that you are in charge of the ground by your rules. The land owner might quickly decide your not the type of stalker he wants there. Be nice and get on with people even if you have to put up with someone else shooting vermin on your deer permission because they might be far closer to the land owner than you.

    One guy today just pis5ed on his chips.
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    Couldn't agree more...there's room on this island for all of us!

    Surprised the stalker didn't get his marching orders regardless of the lease.
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    Live and let live.

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    I thought we were trying to promote our sport to youngsters. Doesn't seem the right way to do it.
    I'm surprised the land owner has let him stay.

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    This story sounds familiar.... did the young lad post this a while back asking for advice on how to proceed?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    this happened today

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    Actually nice to hear

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    I know of one local stalker who was given a free lease on some very good ground, because the former paying stalker took unauthorised clients out and didn't carry out a proper doe cull.

    On the other hand, a friend gave up a lease he paid top money for because the deer numbers started to decline when the landowner let other people onto the ground to lamp foxes.

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    Quite a few of the big estates in this area sell the stalking rights, but the tenant farmers have the right to control vermin, it works well as long as you talk to the farmers.

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    Live and Let live.I know some youngsters can be very bolshiy (big headed) but it would be a good move to gently talk to him and the landowner and show him the error of his ways

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