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Thread: Need use of a Lathe near Edinburgh please

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    Need use of a Lathe near Edinburgh please

    I require to have the bushing in my new moderator lathed (if thats a word?!) so I can fit it onto the rifle.

    Are there any members on here who live near Edinburgh and have a lathe who can help me out?



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    Is it not worth nipping out to the rfd in east whitburn? sure you could get it turned there. Jim

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    Border Gun Room at st Boswells would do that for you as well, probably while you wait.

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    local blacksmith should be able to do it

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    if you come as far as the borders near newcastleton, I will do it for free while you wait, tis a long way to come fuel wise but the offer is there m8.
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    Thank you for the advice and offers folks.

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    thats a great cannot be to far when its a free offer just look at the beautiful countryside he will travel through to get to yourplace para

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    I work in Edinburgh, but my lathe is at home in Dumfries, I travel daily if you are not in a big rush I should be able to help.

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