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Thread: Lifelong Stalker

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    Lifelong Stalker

    Hi Everyone. I've been stalking almost 40 years starting with roe then fallow and muntjac. Done highland reds hinds but my blood gets a bit thin with the cold up there! I get out at least 4 times a week locally and can't live without stalking! Hunt in Africa too but not the Big5 yet. Enjoying the plains game too much and less cost. Hope there's still some decent folk out there...!

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    Yep mate there are certainly decent folk out there lots of them on here welcome to the site

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    As Hornet said there certainly are decent folk out there welcome especially as you seem to be the same vintage as myself accept I have no choice with the weather up here in Scotland.

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    Welcome to the site, I also can relate to the vintage, but as stated I have to endure the Highland climate, but I don't mind too much

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome toptommy, i hope i get another 29 years with a rifle over my shoulder to match your time stalking, welcome to the site.

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