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Thread: Hares

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    What are the forum members thoughts on Hare, are they a pest that needs controlling, what damage do you find they do, and so on?

    Just curious as I have a LOT of Hare on my grounds, and shot the odd one or two in the winter with shotgun, but not actually considered whether it would be good practice to keep the numbers a bit lower by controlling with the rifle during the late summer/autumn.

    interested in your opinions.

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    lots of hares on the estate, get lots of interest from the travelling people with long dogs, so we have had to thin them out. Shame really, as i like to see them about

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    you have to look at damage they are causing, we have areas where we do shoot some and areas we don't. Our ground is good for them though and well keepered which is the key here as otherwise the do as you likeys decimate them. We go on hare drives on the next door estate once a year and tend to get 300-400 a day which shows the numbers present. Best option is check with the farmer their views most like them and don't want too many shot unless they are causing too much damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biker1 View Post
    get lots of interest from the travelling people with long dogs, so we have had to thin them out.

    maybe you should thin THEM out instead!

    depends what you call "a lot".
    down in Newmarket I remember seeing thousands!
    now I am lucky to see one.

    havent shot one in over 20 years as a result.

    they dont do anything like as much damage as rabbits

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    they seem to be pretty hated around the boston area as they do so much damage, everyone io know down there shoots them on sight

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    what damage do they do and what are the signs?

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    ill try and find out for you but this is what i get told and their all farmers so i would assume its crop damage? when ive been down shooting on game day or not we are all told to shoot them on sight though. never seen so many before i went down there.

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    Lots here.
    Usualy shot on hare drives in feb/mar.
    Market gun a few where damage was suffered (in oct when 4 each).
    Shoot a few off the game crops where they can do alot of damage when the new shoots are coming or when they target the maize.
    Sadly if the dog men find them we will blitz the hares early to try and stop the visits. Plain shooting with a lamp and a HMR but it is culling then.

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    Asked my farmer neighbour about any damage Hares cause as I see lots of them but I do not shoot them.
    He is queit happy to leave them be as he says they don't cause any damage and he grows various crops.
    I personally really enjoy watching them and unless asked to do so on my permission would never shoot them.
    Its a shame that others who would rather not shoot them are doing so owing to the hares bringing in the undesirables with their vans and long dogs.
    I think this year is the most I have ever seen for whatever reason.

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    Start to shoot them before the pikeys with their long dogs and sawn-offs start to move in on your land. once they know they're there, you'll have a problem!

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