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Thread: Tikka Bases Wanted for 590 Blued Model S1320916

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    Tikka Bases Wanted for 590 Blued Model S1320916

    anybody got a spare set of these laying around


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    Yes, but I'll let you know in a couple of days

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    Anybody got some or is it an EBay job?


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    Try this on flea bay, I bought a set for my Tikka T3 and they fit fine

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace

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    Just seen your post. You're probably fixed up now, but all the Tikka series from 1970's to today have the same integral parallel dovetail rail (in both planes) spanning the action.

    They are also drilled for the separate U.S. base and rings setup as the previous post says, but unless you really need a picatinny (Weaver) rail I would use the dovetails provided.

    You can get bespoke Tikka 1" (medium height) rings from this firm, or its' stockists.

    If you want a higher 'scope set up there are Tikka rings which sit a bit higher. I've got an old original set if you're stuck.

    PS ..... that Serial Number you've posted is 8 alphanumeric characters, and looks wrong. Tikka S/No's are usually 6 numerics and run in series with the Sako 75 models of that era.

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    get a 2 peice set of burris weaver bases for it.

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    just bought a set of rings & bases on ebay only need the rings if you are interested in the bases drop me a pm

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