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Thread: Harris Model S-25C Bipod 13.5-27 Inches (Swivel Base)

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    Harris Model S-25C Bipod 13.5-27 Inches (Swivel Base)

    Does anyone use this bidpod (see subject) and have experience using it from the full extended 27" setting? ie. does it work when kneeling on one knee, and shooting over quite tall grass, or is it clunky and wonky when extended that far?

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    I posted on another thread about this at the weekend. I have used this bipod but find it too tall when shooting prone and have changed it to the 25 inch model. I can only recall shooting one good red stag 4 or 5 years ago from the sitting position with the 27 inch bipod. The shot was taken in felled brash that was lying on the moor.

    I do use the bipod from the sitting position for shooting tests and BDS competitions, but don't recall shooting a roe deer from the sitting position. Generally I will shoot prone off the bipod with it unextended, or shoot standing off the 4 sticks. I do sometimes stop and sit and watch from the sitting position.

    Regards JCS

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    thanks John, it's good to hear of peoples experiences with gear before buying. I have stalking on some new ground which is quite open, making standing shots impossible, but with knee to hip height grasses - so was looking for a suitable contraption or solution. Perhaps a sit of extendable sticks (standing) would be better than a tall bipod, so you could 'shrink' them to sitting/kneeling height...

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    This is the thread that JCS refers to:

    I also posted my comments there on experiences using this bipod.


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    I use it all the time on my .270 and 22-250, the stalking I have would be useless with a standard 9-13"(?) bipod, long grass/heather etc would not allow the shot. I have shot red/roe/sika with it in the full extention, no problems, it is a little more shaky than a short bipod, but nothing like a full set of 5ft sticks though. I am happy to shoot from the sitting or kneeling position out to 150m, not tried further, but I'm sure would be suitable out to 200m.

    It is a little too long to shoot prone from the fully closed position, unless you are 7ft tall or shooting slightly down hill, for zeroing, I use a 9-13" bipod, there does not seem to a difference in zero, for me anyway.

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