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Thread: another day in paradise

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    another day in paradise

    Have not posted anything of significance for a while, so as this is a stalking web-site (although some think it is a free Ebay) I thought I would share my weekend expoits with you.

    Was up west for a few days and while the weather changeable with a strong northerly it was good enough to harvest a spiker and a roe buck.

    There were plenty hinds and calves about but they are safe for a few months yet. I counted 23 reds of all sexes on a sheltered field on my way to the ground and when I got there saw 8 reds coming across the golf course. Hinds and calves of course!

    At last light I took a roe buck off the sticks at a silly distance, he was still tailending a doe . I saw a good reaction to the shot and marked the spot where it managed to scramble into the gorse. Could I find the fecker? Nope. This is where a good scope and all the rest are worthless without a pooch. It was now pitch black so I had no choice but to return in the morning and get the dog if necessary. The morning stalk was uneventful so I made my way to where the shot was and after an hour found the deer under the gorse. Unfortunately something had been feasting on it. The left shoulder was ripped off and the anal passage eaten out. Fox probably but who knows.

    I still took it and will feed the farmers dog.

    Monday morning involved a nice wee stalk in a loop to avoid the northerly wind giving me away (much better than Monday morning work) and as the sun rose I counted a number of reds in the a real sheltered part of the farm. I have taken many a deer from here in the past. In the winter there are bales to get above the hawthorn hedge row for a decent spy and shooting position but as the fields are not cut yet I had to stand and use the sticks through a small window within the hedge. I got into a shooting position and watched a hind, then a calf move from right to left. Then the tell tale antlers of a wee staggie appeared from the gloom. By now was not as steady as I wanted to be but could not move for fear of giving the game away. I had a word with myself, focussed on the job in hand and put the crosshairs on the engine room of the deer, he was a small looking beast (probably orphaned last year) and really a good one to take out. I held my breath, squeezed the trigger and the rest as they say is history. Now at this point the fields erupted with deer that I could not see from my vantage point running everywhere and while my shot and the reaction was good the deer takes off out of sight after its mates.

    Thing is there is a burn that runs to the march fence of the property and it is a barsteward to get the deer out of it, especially on your own. So guess where they generally end up?
    So I waited the obligatory few minutes and with a resigned sigh went to look in the burn for my beastie. Good news is it did not make it as far as the burn and dropped 2 metres shy. Quick gralloch and I strolled back for the quad. Got the quad and some kids have stolen my rope to use for skipping (allegedly) so more fecking about with what I could find and then back down to the deer. It must have been hilarious to watch me trying to get the wee staggie on the quad, everytime i managed I would have one hand on the deer another trying to secure with a drag rope (all i could find) and a few times it ended up back on the deck. I persevered though, remembering when I was fitter and stronger and could do this nae bother driving me on. I went back to the farm about 2MPH in case it fell back off .

    Turned out it was 42kg skinned on the hook later that night on the scales.
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    good to see you connecting with some venison,are your stags clean yet ?

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    Nah, stags still in velvet here, not even seen one fraying yet.

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