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Thread: Equiptment prices

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    Equiptment prices

    I remember not too long ago ( 3-4yrs) buying a Beretta 391 teckni from a relaible shop second hand for 425 . It was about 2 years old came with the full kit, case, chokes etc. I was strapped for the funds & sold it, a few month later as it was a few quid then ! let alone now..
    Ever since i have looked for a reliable semi & see old battered benelli's berettas etc from 600+.
    All i hear from the dealers is , its the euro, price of metal etc etc etc B Schit..... so if the equiptment went up so much in price with the euro when its strong & the ecconomy was balanced ................are we expecting a sudden drop, when the a$$ drops out of the european eccomomy & values are worthless compared to our stron (ie Greece ecconomy collapse etc) Hmmmmmmmmmm

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    bought a new 391 ,5 years ago for 750 bet i could get more than that for it now 2nd you not think that anything to do with stalking is that retailers put the prices up as they think stalking=loadsa money look what harkila charge for clothing bushwear charge for plastic trays etc

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    Gun dealers are possibly not the best people to ask for economic advice, and possibly neither are shooters
    My opinion is that the record numbers of new joiners have driven up demand (and subsequently prices) for all things shooting related, the quality 2nd hand shotgun market is not immune.

    A lot of people choose to buy a quality beretta/browning/what have you off the bat, rather than muck about with something that you aren't thrilled with.

    That aside, VAT, import tax, some more taxes perhaps, inflation, raw material prices.... the odds are not in favour of stuff getting cheaper.

    Unfortunately the fact that our market is controlled by 3 groups of commercially clueless monpolistic toads will not help.
    I am wondering when the manufacturers will clock on to the fact that there is a substantial supply issue here, that the main agents are not managing correctly, and let the market open up a bit by licensing a few more folks...

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    Hmmm I suggest looking around as only 2 years ago about, I acquired a 55 vintage Browning Auto Five in it's original 5 shot configuration, as the licensing officer was not happy about it so it had to be adapted to section 2 total cost with a full rebuild spring kit under 175.

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    The sooner we can get a competition inquiry going to UK importers the better.

    Just as a comparison as I'm in the market for a new pump action for fowling and let's pick the Benelli SuperNova as this is a known commodity and sells well in both USA and over here:

    USA Price best price from $509.99 + $29.99* shipping = $539.98 (344.79 @ $1.5661/ from the Post Office)

    UK price from 569 + 25 RFD to RFD* = 594
    (*Note have only included sending costs as I'm not sure of FFL (US RFD equivalent) receiving rates.)

    So, delivered a to your local gun store a Supernova in the US is 249.21 cheaper.

    Okay, we pay more VAT than in the US, so we can make the price for comparison 413.75 (adding 20%) which means the difference is 180.25. Even so, I remain to be convinced that GMK, Edgar Bros et al could ever make the price difference stick when independently audited. I think the competition commission should get involved, bend the importers over a barrel and get an easy win in the courts.

    I feel it is time to write to your MPs & MEPs folks!

    A very hacked off Scrummy!

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    Well funnily enough I have just acquired a 1959 P-H catalogue with a July 59 price list. back then a BSA Hi Power rifle in normal chamberings like 30.06, 270, 7x57 cost 36 exactly. Now compare today's prices with wages and those back then. However I do agree thatw e get ripped off terribly. People say about the distance of shipping from the US however there ain't much difference in distance to the UK to that of Hawaii and they don't get ripped off.

    As for Edgar Bros they don't think they are doing anything wrong as I discovered when they sent 12 year old ammo as new, discontinued line of ammo at that, and charged the price of the newest line. They claim it's due to the high cost of security ans storage... bull. if they were not so gredy perhaps they would actually sell more.

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