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Thread: High seat nearly finished

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    High seat nearly finished

    High-seat nearly finished, got a couple of panels to go on the side & back, should be done by the week end.

    Thanks to Tony c for the plans but decided to go with something more weatherproof, will be making some of your portable ones for else where on the ground. Thanks also to Dave (highseat) for giving me a hand yesterday getting it together.

    once finished ill do a cutting list for anyone that wishes to use it.

    With only one deer to my name hopefully my learning curve starts here.


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    looks real good and well made be good to know how much it cost to build and some plans as need to build some after october

    cheers webby

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    Hi airborne, that looks good. I hope you have plenty of success from there.

    SD staff should start a high seat corner where we can post pics of our favourite retreats and list of success.

    Kind of like a readers wives page

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    Cheers guys, the materials have come in at about 90 ish. Webby once i get 5 ill measure up and post the plans up here for download.

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    cheers airbourne that be cool

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    the high seat looks really good and well worth the cost and effort. i'd like also to see the plans once you're all done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airborne View Post
    Cheers guys, the materials have come in at about 90 ish. Webby once i get 5 ill measure up and post the plans up here for download.
    Hi Airborne,

    Where did you get the materials from to get build it for 90?

    I am not a million miles away from you and if you have a timber merchant that can offer those prices it would be well worth the travelling.

    I also have some ground in Warwickshire that I am planning on putting a few seats up anyway.



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    Hi Ross

    The timber all came from Buildbase where i have an account, but was quite lucky this time as they have a scrap bin where all the bent timber goes into, this is 50p a length in the charity box as opposed to a pound odd a meter, but if you sort through theres loads of straight stuff in there. The roof came from my mates farm, and i scratted a few other bits also. B&Q is fairly good if you join trade point, and theres a few timber merchants that are cheaper still.

    Been and got the measurements this aft soon as i get a bit of time ill put some plans up.

    If and when you decide to put your seats up this neck of the woods give me a shout and ill gladly give you a chuck with them.

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    That's some seat AB
    shall look out for it on my travels
    is it roe or fallow are your main quarry

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    Pretty new to it all to be fair Stone, just keen as...

    Mainly for fox and Munties as the Roe are limited, had the trail cam set up the last two months and were only seeing 1x Doe with twins and 1x buck so i think the plan is to try and nurture them a bit until theres shootable numbers. No Fallow mate.

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