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Thread: We didn't start the fire!!

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    We didn't start the fire!!

    Not Deer but good all the same........................

    Am sure that you will all enjoy this one...............Turn up the Sound....................

    Whether you are a Billy Joel fan or not, you probably remember his great song 'We Didn't Start the Fire.'

    Here it is, set to pictures--- Had to share this one. It's a fabulous flashback through the past half century. Turn up volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes! Thanks to Billy Joel and some guy from the University of Chicago with too much time to Google!

    I wonder how many of the images those under 40 will recognize from the early part of the song?? You might have to watch this more than once.

    Click here: We Didn't Start The Fire

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    I liked that, and being just a bit North of mature not only did I know the song but I recognised the bloody photo's too


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    Very good, I never could make out half of what he was singing.

    I didn't realise he sang Catcher in the Rye - the great Amercian novel.

    So if anyone else has ever read Catcher in the Rye can they please tell me what was the point of the book??

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    Takes me back a few years too. I didn`t enjoy being reminded of how old i`m getting.

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    Old enough to forget that you had posted this twice already.

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    Well well amused !
    and i have trouble with posting photos!
    Hits THE SPOT ,

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    Only just seen this, excellent and thanks for shareing it.
    Had Debs and me boogieing in the gun room and yes.

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    Rock ON

    Just chucked the zimma down the stairs bopping like mad
    the dogs gone mad
    the Memsahib has gone Bloody man
    but im feeling good 8)

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