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Thread: jimney 1.3 jlx

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    jimney 1.3 jlx

    whats everyones opinions on the jimney got chance of good low mileage one on 07 plate and only 3 of us in household and all ground ive got is fairly good solid ground

    cheers webby

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    Webby, the Jimney's a good little offroader. I'm on my second one so they can't be too bad. They aren't the most comfortable cars on the road for long distances- bit noisey and lacking in ooomph but I've been in a lot worse motors! Offroad they'll go most places even with standard issue tyres.
    The one problem I've had on both has been the king pin/bushes don't last long. It feels like the wheels need balancing (at 50'ish) but it's the bushes that are shot. There was a recall on my present 08 for bushes etc. which also needed a disc replacing under warranty. I've also had a gearbox oil seal go on my present Jimny which has now done 23K miles.
    Don't pay too much for it and you shouldn't go too far wrong.

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    Do it, just dont expect to get many of those big lake district reds in it!
    Good cheap to run vehicle and surprisingly good off road
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    On one of the shoots that I beat for the owner has one and it seems to punch well above its weight. The times I have been dropped off along the deeply rutted wet track at the "muddy crossroads" it has been fantastic. There is a clue in the place name! Alan

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    I had a 12.000 miler 2004 Jimny automatic and it ran like a Swiss watch... the RFL classification for some crazy reason had it at 400 p.a. and it never got more than 30mpg. great little car and i had it shod with BFG Muds and it would go anywhere.

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    I've got one with 70+ K on it. Seems fine for going fishing/shooting. Wouldn't like to go a long way in one but it is really capable off road.


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    I too am on my second one, the wife wrote off the first. They are very small and you have to make allowances for that. But mine have been no trouble and they will just about go anywhere if suitably shod.

    I would have another. If you can go for one with all the goodies fitted. It never hurts to have the extras on re-sale and fog-lights and air-con can come in handy.

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    brought mine with 15k on the clock, now done 75k fitted a 3inch lift, heavy duty transfer box bracket , and procomp shocks.Also i fitted bf mud tyres, never been stuck and all its had done is a wheel bearing and a new battery

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    Can anyone explain why the 2003/2004 Automatics were penalised by the 400 RFL? That is the only reason i sold mine along with terrible MPG even though it was running perfectly.

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    I work for the RNLI and over the last year all are lifeguards are moving away from L200's as they sink into the sand on the beaches and are now using Jimney's.
    The only upgrade they get is a set of all terrain rubber. The reports so far are that they do the job perfectly well

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