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Thread: Fallow rut

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    Fallow rut

    first year of having my own land so learning, what dates should i expect the fallow rut to kick off ??

    land is located near stone/stoke area.



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    This year i think it is on the 13th of november at 1.30pm.......

    Seriously though you need to get out on your ground and learn the patterns and behaviour of the deer on your patch, watch out for rutting stands, and when you think its almost time for things to kick off have your eyes and ears peeled. The big boys will already have secured the prime stands and they can be in and out in a flash (no pun intended)

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    as a rule does the rut tend to be the last week in oct/ first week in november just roughly ???????????????

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    yep , roughly , listen out for grunting early mornings and at night

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    ta lads

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    Don't shoot any Dave if you plan on eating em yourself. Be ok for the mother in law though.

    Atb Steve

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    In Herts/Cambs it starts middle/last week in October and goes on for about 2 or 3 weeks. I was told that it only completely finishes when the first frost appears. I have been doing the same area for 20 years and I have found no 2 years seem to be the same. Bucks seem to start moving from about the middle of September. I have found that only about 50% of them will stink, game dealers normally still take them as if they are hung for three weeks they can almost get rid of the smell (good luck to them). If you want one yourself take one before about 7th October. I normally only eat 2yrold does.

    All my fallow stop moving about 7th December (they go through a hormone change) and herd up in groups of 100+ and stay on hill tops making them impossible to shoot. They start moving about 12th February. Bucks will group up early March and will lay up in wheat fields (in dips) giving some good stalking.

    Good Luck.
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    I usually hear a good number of bucks groaning in my part of North Wales by about the 3rd week of October, sometimes a week earlier depending on the weather, the rut continues into early November. It varies from place to place and for example in the Forest of Dean the deer in the outlying woods on the Welsh side of the forest traditionally tend to start rutting a week or so earlier than those in the main forest.

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    I normally hear a good amount of noise around middle to late October once the temp has dropped abit. A good foggy mourning normally excites them.

    on the same subject but slightly different has anyone tried or experienced calling fallow bucks during the rut? is it possible?

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    No - but I would also be interested to hear more about this.

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