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Thread: All new Defender

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    All new Defender

    Don't know what to make of this lads?

    Looks like one of those Skoda Yeti's.

    I feel the need to buy a Defender now before they are gone forever....

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    hmmm bit too flash for me , i cant imagine having a dead fox , 2 vizslas, rifle and hawk in the back of this, on the plus side , it might bring down the price of the outgoing model

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    I may be selling mine soon.... 90XS Stornoway Grey, 2008 16,000m cargo guard, SVX alloys, steering guard, full rubber matting, KL71 tyres, tow pack, sunroof, soft A bar, Hella aux driving lamps, MINT! 20,5000.
    The new one may help values of the current model?
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    So that's what it was..... I've seen it in the fleash was in spycar livery so black and White squares and triangles. It's not exactly what you would describe as being small vehicel came across it going the other way on a road out of Great Bedwyn begining of august its got some presence on the road should have taken a photo.


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    Looks like the design team from the Freelander were involved here - I bet they're narrowing their product line by interjoining the two vehicles, and will therefore just run the Range and the new Defender.

    Mind you, if they put the Freelander technology into the new Defender,,which they're likely to do as the old factory equipment for the Landy is aged, be prepared for a wonky piece of junk and a very non-country SUV. Just IMHO of course, I don't rate the Freelander highly, and from a business perspective, I see exactly what's happening here, retiring the Landy factory, scrapping the Freelander, and building a hybrid country car with a better brand name that's recognised, but in the 'new' factory.

    deffo will push the price up on the old model, it's too much of an icon.

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    My Defender was in for the clutch a fortnight ago an i had a FL2 for a week. It was brand new with stop/start and a reasonable level of trim... i used it for a 50 mile trip then parked it up for 6 days... it rolled like a duvet with a spacehopper on each corner and the rear tailgate was OK for a high jumper but not for my dogs. The tailgate hides rearward vision and the seats are made for fat guys like GAZZA.

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    Typical Landie....cant leave B*****R all alone!!!!

    Td5 Disco Commercial For me....miles better than any Defender if you're over 6' tall.
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    Remmy, i just sold my TD5 Disco Commercial last year wit 40k on the speedo and if i could buy a new one i would. 3 times the room of a 90, full tax benefits and comfort not yet dreamed of in most 4X4's. Had it from new and a FPRV, battery and headlight bulbs were the only niggles. Seriously thinking of a D4 Commercial but work is too slack to take one on.

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    ow my god!! what have they done it does look like a scoda yeti on steroids if this goes into production land rover have truely f''''d up ..ive had two 110s including the current model all brillient the best car i have ever owned and ive had a few.. red dot is right the price of used defenders will go through the roof and they are alredy very strong i think ill be ordering a new one when the last models roll out

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    The pictures released are for the DC-100 concept car being shown at Frankfurt. The new Defender is only starting to be developed for a launch in four years time.


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