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Thread: Tikka T3 experts please- small problem to resolve

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    Tikka T3 experts please- small problem to resolve

    I have a new Tikka T3 in .308. It shoots as it is supposed to with 1" groups with factory ammo. All fine excepting the front sling stud is not locked up and tightens firm past its proper position affecting the sling and keeps coming loose- at the wrong moment. It needs about 170 deg. of turn to lock on the other side. I do not want to do this if it will strip the sling stud or worse. Any thoughts? It is small but very annoying. I could just bond it in but may want to use a bipod in future.

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    don't think you need T3 experts for this one mate. have it re-filled and repositioned just above or below by a gunsmith, problem solved - this is a manufacturing issue and needs to be fixed before it works itself lose and causes damage to the stock, the barrel tip, the scope, you, someone else, etc. etc. ..also, for a bipod you'd be scre*ed.

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    Iwould just glue it into place if you want to attach a bipod at alater date you will put it on that stud so not a problem , hope that helps

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    How old is the gun?

    Return it to GMK if you can.

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    Yes I thought it would be a gunsmithing issue, it is frustrating as the gun is new. But as I am due to go stalking the end of September and it is all sited in and feels good, it would be frustrating to send it back GMK who supplied originally. At least I know now and can act upon it. Thanks very much!

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    HI Logburner, Thanks for the idea, but I thought you would have to take the stud out to fix a bipod( I admit not knowing anything about them) and then refix another type of stud? Maybe not. Just resining in the stud would be the easiest, but seems a bit bogus for a new gun.

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    For now, make a shim washer to place under the stud. Aluminum from an aluminum can will work. Cut it carefully with a pair of scissors and put it in. Use two if needed. Hardly a job for a gunsmith.~Muir

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    You could always ask where you purchased the rifle, they may be able to supply you with a new stud etc. to fit yourself.

    Free of charge of course!!

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I had the same on a T3 light is it the synthetic stock? The trouble with the synthetic is there is only one place to put the stud in the moulding and you canít drill it out as there is no guts in the stock I ended up with the araldite fix is if you do make sure you smear a little Vaseline around the hole at is makes it easier to remove the seepage of the stud and stops the stock from getting marked

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    Had this too, moved the stud and lobbed in some epoxy resin to make sure, magic

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