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Thread: YDS VOL4. DVD's

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    YDS VOL4. DVD's

    YDS Volume 4 a double dvd, summer bucks and winter does + hopefully the bbc programme on stalking I did.
    Should be about 4 hours of footage.
    Gone for final edit and copying should be available within a week or so.
    Pre book your copy now 22 posted.

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    Sounds good.
    How do I pre order?


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    Sorry about the delay, got the copies back and am not happy with the quality of the tv show that was spliced onto the end of the winter doe dvd.
    So will offer it as a double(without the tv show) or x3 dvd set if you want the bbc show (will be digital quality).
    Take me a day or two to recopy the originals so thanks for waiting.
    Also have to print the covers and have to check all is in order.
    The price will be 22 for the 2 (bucks+does) or 25 for the 3.

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    Just waiting for the labels to arrive. But i have a few ready sadly without the bbc footage.
    So x2 dvd set yds vol4.
    22 posted.

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    Hi John, you have PM.

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    DVD's will be dispatched tomorrow.
    thanks John
    p.s. let me know what you think.

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    Thanks for your intrest.
    Another lot just dispatched today.

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    Some more to be posted monday.
    Any feed back lads??

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