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Thread: cheap 222

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    cheap 222

    hi lads im on the lookout for a cheap .222 anybody got one filling up their gun safe collecting dust

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    I have a few on the shelf at the mo

    have a look if you still need one

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    My compliments on your choice, and best of luck with your search.

    A used. 222 is a very shrewd buy second-hand. There’s every chance that this calibre won’t have had the hammering that some used .223’s have had. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of these fired as fast as the user could work the bolt.

    The availability of cheap .223 FMJ ammo is the culprit. I think only PPU supply this in .222 Rem., if you can find it. You’ll need to reload a .222 to match the .223 for economy.

    It’s a pity but the .222 is in decline, with only ‘European’ rifle makers such as CZ, Sako, Tikka, and Steyr still turning it out. Even Remington dropped it in favour of the.223 in 2008, and now everyone else is following suit. Of the 80 currently on ‘Guntrader’ a high proportion (30) are used, while there are four times as many .223’s on there – 190 new & 60 secondhand. It’s fair to say that the gun trade is relatively awash with .222’s, and find them harder to shift whether new or used.This should operate in your favour as the replies indicate.

    When my 25-year old pet .222 is shot-out I will have to move over to the .223 I’ve got waiting in the wings, but I hope never to have to do this.
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