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Thread: Encouraging people to try shooting...

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    Encouraging people to try shooting...

    As those who have read some of my posts in the past will be aware I'm a relatively new shooter who was keen to take it up for a very many years, since I was a child, but just never got the chance or contacts.

    Since I've been shooting, though the kindness and assistance of others for the most part, I've also tried to do my best to let a few other people give it a try.

    In one instance I took along a journalist who I've known for many years and let him spend a morning shooting targets with a full bore rifle. He loved the day out and we bumped into other shooters who also encouraged him during the day. He was really keen and has since been talking about joining a small bore club, though I don't know if he has progressed with this.

    Recently I took another chap I know, who had shot small bore in the past, along and got him his first experience with a full bore rifle. I also took him stalking for a day and while we didn't shoot anything he enjoyed the day out. He has since gone on to do his DSC1 and to apply for his own rifle with a view to shooting some targets and also some deer.

    Now, as I've said I'm just a beginner and I certainly can't claim to "teach" anyone anything but even so I have found it interesting to see how a morning at the range really can give someone a very positive view of shooting. I also know that organisations such as BASC try to take MPs shooting but was wondering if other members have had similar experiences to mine when introducing new people, and perhaps people who would not have considered shooting, to the sport?

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    I have taken several people out for there first time some had never considered shooting before, my greatest success was a member of lacs who now is completely addicted to his 22 & 17 at squirrel, and shots black powder.

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    There are many possible paths into shooting and at BASC we are developing a clear stratergy to try and help - here is how far we have got so far:


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    Thanks for that David, I hadn't seen that page before but it is a useful resource.

    Something else I should add is that my friend has just done his DSC1 with BASC here in Northern Ireland and was full of praise for both the course and for Tommy Mayne who was very helpful and encouraging to him. Tommy was also most helpful to me, though I haven't been in touch for a while probably to his relief, and I think he really is making a difference for shooters here in Northern Ireland. He told my friend the same as he told me which was "just call me if you need anything" and in fact I had cause to call him and he sorted everything out very quickly. Within the general shooting community I'm hearing good reports so I think BASC are doing really well as a result of Tommy's very pro-active approach and it is a model that might work well elsewhere.

    In terms of taking new shooters out it must be said that to date I haven't had one negative experience - everyone has enjoyed the day so I would encourage everyone to give it a try and take someone they know out. The person might never do it again, but if they come away with a positive image of shooting then that can only be a good thing. I must direct a few of them to the BASC page you link to as that might further encourage some people.

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Good point finnbear, give someone the opportunity and they may well have a try.

    One thing we are doing when we give a shotgun coaching lesson at a show for example, is give the person a goody bag which includes a booklet showing them how they can go shooting again and not just shotgun either.

    As with all things, if you don’t know where to go, don’t know how to do it, and don’t know anyone to show you how to do it, you are a bit stuck! Hence the work we are doing to help people take up shooting.


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