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Thread: Lucie night vision goggles

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    Lucie night vision goggles

    I have a pair of LUCIE night vision goggles. Could anyone give me a rough idea on how much these are worth please?
    They are complete with original case, helmet and head straps.

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    My mates a Fishery Board Bailiff and he uses one for work, he says it cost 4 or 5 grand when new in 2005 and they had to get a US State Dept licence to get it.
    I have looked thru it and driven along forestry roads etc and the clarity is exellent, no idea about 2nd hand values.

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    between 2.5 and 3 grand depending on quality and were they came from

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    Its my understanding that they are ex-army, used in Iraq. Is there any way I can tell whether they are 2nd or 3rd generation? I think that is crazy money, but they do seem quality made. Thanks for replies.

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    Hi, im told they are Gen 3+, Starlight NV in Manchester can service them if required.

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