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Thread: Holiday in Northamptonshire

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    Holiday in Northamptonshire

    As promised I will tell you about my trip to my friend Ross in Northamptonshire. Normally I have a visitors permit and bring my own guns to the UK but this time I could borrow Rossís guns so I didnít have to worry about travelling with firearms. I always call the ferrycompany in advance to let them know I travel with firearms. No need for that now, so I expected no delays at costums. But this time, go figure, I got checked at Dover and when I opened the boot of my car the officer looked at all the camonetting, pigeon and crow decoys, wellies, camojacket etc. and asked me if I was sure I didnít travel with guns. I honestly denied and said I would use the estateguns. Ok, no worries, and I could proceed my journey.

    I arrived at Ross his house after some small delays on the M25. After some drinks and getting my gear we went out for foxes. We saw a couple and in the end I missed oneÖ. I blamed it on the trigger and the fact I wasnít used to his gun (the usual excuses).
    On Thursday morning we set off for a new high seat he has set up at a promising field. Ross had spotted muntjac and roe up there. When we stalked our way to the highseat and Ross spotted a roebuck standing at the edge of the rape. Unfortunately I couldnít see it at first, after it moved a couple of times I could see it but wasnít too sure about taking the shot. Just could see a blur with a head. The roebuck lost itís patience and took off and we stalked towards the high seat and waited for the sun to completely rise. I tried some squeaks on the buttulo but it seemed that nothing reacted on the call. Suddenly Ross became enthusiastic and said he saw a muntjac buck in the rape. After some discussion about itís whereabouts I still could not see it and was doubting my ability to see any quarry. Ross still was pretty convincing in trying to point out the muntjac in the rape. After minutes that took ages I finally saw it because it moved. Turned out I was looking in a different area all the time. A few meters make a lot of difference in seeing a muntjac in thick rape. The muntjac walked in a ride in the rape and this time I didnít waste time. Shot went out and the buck dropped.

    We went to the same high seat that evening but did not see anything that evening.
    On friday we got up early and set up a hide and decoys to get some crows and pigeons. We sat in the corner of the field and I used Ross his Hatsan Escort. Never shot with a semi autoloader but this was a nice shotgun to shoot with. I surely hit the incoming crows and pigeons ! In the end we shot about 30 but could not retrieve them all unfortunately.
    In the evening we went out with the .17 HMR for rabbits in the little suzuki. The .17 HMR is a nice calibre for the job and we shot quite a few rabbits. Also I like it that the samurai can put its frontwindscreen down so you have a good view and rest for the gun. After our little trip I gutted the rabbits and put them in the fridge so I could take them home.

    Saturdaymorning we set out for another try on the roebuck we saw earlier. We again stalked our way to the newly erected high seat and waited. I tried a couple of calls on the buttulo but was not successful. Suddenly out of nowhere a roe appeared. We quickly put our binoculars up and it was a buck! I quickly got the gun but the buck disappeared into the rape. I waited for 10 minutes, gun ready. But no buck. We spied the field and hedges and no deer to be seen. After 20 minutes I spotted a movement at the edge of the hedge. I looked at it with my binoís and it was again a (the) buck. Ross could not see it as it was so close to the hedge and he could not see round it. I leaned over and got the crosshairs on the buck. It was walking away from me. Then I could not see it anymore. Stayed in the same position for minutes, but no more buck. This buck had us again, and we discussed itís ability to vanish into air.
    Then all of a sudden I saw it again, walking across the path and it wanted to go in the rape again. Ross trusted my judgement and I quickly put the crosshairs on the shoulder and pulled the trigger. Buck went down. We where quite happy and relieved it finally worked out. We stayed another 10 minutes on the high seat and then went looking for the buck. Quite a pleasant surprise when we came at the buck, It was a sort of abnormal buck which looked old. We didnít look at his teeth closely as a friend of Ross needed the pelt of the animal. But I was very pleased with the buck. Ross told me he had his eyes out for this particular buck for quite a while. So many thanks to him that I could shoot this one !

    On our way back to home we saw Canadageese in one of the fields. We quickly changed our gear and guns and went after the geese. We set up behind a hedge with the .17 HMR and crawled to the field. We where lucky that after the first shot the geese were not flying away and managed to get a few more shots out. Ross even had to get some more ammunitions from the car as we ran out of bullets. After a few more of their buddies got hit the geese had enough and took of. We sent Sika out to retrieve some of the geese. Again a nice surprise.

    On Sunday we had a quiet day and Ross his brother Scot resprayed / painted my car. I drive on LPG and around the nozzle there was some rust. To be ahead of the major rust I asked if he would be so kind to make it all right again. And he did an excellent job ! So I was very pleased with the result. Also we visited a friend of Ross and looked at the deer on his permission.

    On Monday morning we shot some crows and pigeons again. But unfortunately I had to get to the ferry in Dover and we had to break up early. Still had good fun. In all had a great time.

    Hope I can give Ross and Duncan the same sport on the Wild Boar when they are coming over in 2 weeks. Right now we have a lot of damages from Wild boar in our wheat fields. This will probably be cut when you come over. Which makes hunting actually a bit easier because they are more likely to come on the feeding areas. I will go out a couple of days coming week to scout the area and try to persuade the boar not to eat the farmerís costly wheat in the fields (by shooting at them off course ).

    Pictures are not in correct order, do not know how to manage that sorry.
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    Ruud, a great write up. As both Julie and I have said you are always welcome to come and visit again.

    I should be getting the head back from your malform buck this evening so I will e mail you some photos. I had seen the roe buck a lot of times and I was glad that you managed to shoot him. (although I am a tiny bit jealous ) The head will look good with all the rest you have at home. I have added another photo of the malformed side

    Since you visited I have sat in the highseat a few times and have seen a far smaller 6 point buck that will have to go before the end of the season, he was too far off for a shot so hopefully tonight will be the night that I finally catch up with him. I have also been seeing lots of foxes on the same field but again too far off for a shot, so I will be also going out with the lamp to get a few of them tonight.

    I am glad that my brother did your car to your high standards. I will bring him over to the continent next time so he can fix every one else's cars whilst we go and shoot some boar.

    It is only 2 weeks until Duncan and I will be over at your ground, save some of the big keilers for us!! There will be a detailed write up of our trip when we get back.


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    Nice one Ruud and well done Ross,

    a real mixed bag and a great time.

    Speak soon mate


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    Great read Rudd.

    As Wayne said a good mixed bag and a shinny rear wing on your car!!

    Hopefully catch up again if you come over to Wayne again


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