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Thread: Who's shot the furthest north Muntie then

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    Who's shot the furthest north Muntie then

    Go on then, who on here has shot the furthest north muntac in England. It certainly wasn't me when I was down around Thetford!

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    Northamptonshire for me on many occassions. Not that far North I know, but thats as far as I go for Muntjac

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    The question is not how far north, the question is how far west??

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    for a second there I thought Robbobsam was back and saying: who shot the furthest Munty...but then I read the subject properly!

    Never seen Munty's here in the Borders that's for sure, but I think we'll be getting a small red deer population near the A68 soon, as the local deer farm has had poachers cut the fences and let hinds with calves out - should be fun!

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    You never hear of muntjac farms.... pity

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    one run over nr Preston recently
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I shoot on a pals farm near Penrith Eden valley all roe stalking, he has a pheasant shoot on there and the beaters often push large numbers of deer out of the woods, last winter with snow on the ground we seen plenty roe coming out and a muntjac run under the gate next to my mates wife, so its not a shot but I was very surprised at this.

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    Yes! 20 miles and closing

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    ive had the odd one around darlington,i think they were introduced about 15 years ago and have a good foot hold but they get a hard time from the dog lads so there practically nocturnal

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    We are supposed to have them in delamare forest the local farmer took a load of have to a stables a the edge of the forest and the lady told him she had two baby deer in the garden on a regular basis when he saw them he said they were muntjac and the warden confirmed it they had let 6 go as people where always complaining they never saw any deer in the forest and there has been roe senn on high legh estate and in gardens in sale cheshire

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