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Thread: long range moose

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    Hmm, that's a bit controversial.

    in any case, I'm more interested in how you came up with your name! LOL

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    Check out how still the water wind certainly puts the ball in your court when shooting long range.....

    I dont advocate these ranges on live quarry.......just before the lynch mob get saddled up

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    all the reasons I can't ever get excited about long range shooting of live quarry.

    Its not dead. Its flailing
    The way it fell looks to me like that as it has been hit high in the chest further back than it should and close to the spine.
    He is a mile away and its a lake, its going to take him 10-15 minutes even if he has a fast boat....

    I am impressed with anyone that can shoot reliably at 1100yds, but not on live targets.

    just my 2p

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    The full film is on You Tube somewhere and shows more detail of the set up, calibre, dialling in details etc. I seem to recall from the original that is is easier to see that the moose flips back, gives a couple of kicks and is clearly stone dead. The guy comes across as knowing exactly what he's about and not as your usual 'yee hah' hero. IIRC, he is using some kind of jet boat

    I'm not commenting on ethics but as long as you aren't calling it stalking (or even hunting) and you have the considerable skills to pull off a shot like that humanely... Then again, if he'd shot it in the arse and it had buggered off, I don't supposed he'd have posted the film on the internet.


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    1100 yards fecking stupid.

    The shot is most definitly in the spine of the back no doubt about it. Look at the way the aminal reacts to the shot the spine arcs and there is no running lungeing etc... if it was shot it the chest it would have moved a little, both the front legs you'd expected to go down not up and back etc...
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    What annoys me is the fact he calls it Moose "hunting" there was no hunting involved in this, it was moose sniping, and if that floats your boat then thats fine as long as you have the correct equipment, knowledge and experience to pull it off. but personally i would find it a heck of a lot more exciting to be within 100 yards of that massive animal, that would definitley be a memorable experience.

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