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Thread: Cz 550 american

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    Cz 550 american

    Hello gents,I have recently got my variation through for my 1st stalking rifle ( 6.5 x 55 ) and was looking at the above rifle today and liked it very much,I shoot the same rifle in .17 HMR and just wouldnt part with it......... what are youre thoughts on this rifle ?

    regards Lee

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    Smile Cz550

    Excellent rifle will cope with anything in UK.

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    A BIG PLUS 1 !

    i had one in 6.5x55 a very accurate rifle , and there some exelent quality wood stocks available as well .

    thats the only why i chopped it in for a synthetic , the stock was far to good to be messed up .

    cheers lee

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    Do I need to say anything mate

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    great rifle, with a lil work super accurate. Value indeed.

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    Excellent choice mine was, and still is, accurate from day 1. It is a good no frills bit of kit that you can rely on.

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    I have one in .243, 'tis fantsatic and far more accurate than I will ever be

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    I was looking at maybe buying the full-stock version, which I take it is mechanically exactly the same rifle, in .270 win. Anyone have one of those?

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    I love CZs I have 4, my 243 american is incredibly accurate out to 500yds if I do my part. The adjustable triggers are excellent and you can adjust for pull, travel before and after firing. I have just received my new 7 x 64 and have just topped it with a zeiss 6-24 and can't wait to shoot it this evening when I get home tonight (hope the weather keeps dry).

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    I have The American in 30-06 and would not part with it. Great kit very accurate better than some at twice the price. Used it from Scotland to Africa on all types of conditions and all types of game.

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