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Thread: wedding anniversary gift buck knife

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    wedding anniversary gift buck knife

    i like it , i just better not leave it in the field

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    Very nice. I'm a big fan of Buck knives. Glyn.

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    lovely bit o kit mate did you stop on the way home to get the wife something if not u could book her in for dsc1 with paul in oct i

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    Surely it is your first anniversary for a gift like that!!

    I just get a list of DIY jobs I haven't completed with 'love always sam' on the bottom of a card on my anniversay

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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Do you want to swap wives mate?
    lets swap pictures first lol,,,,,,,,,,,, tom i did not , i fell back on the old favourite, going out for dinner

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    You're a lucky man,,and nice choice of knife too!

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    4th lol but ive heard the gifts get smaller and the to do list gets bigger

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    very nice ive just hinted how nice it would be to get gift like that lol then i was reminded that she did buy me a 500 quid shotgun so cant grumble realy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    i like it , i just better not leave it in the field
    You've got a really good one there - both wife and knife!

    In fact I thought the idea was so good that I figured I'd try to drop a hint here at home as we're always wondering what to buy each other on our anniversary. After 18 years you can only have so many Zeiss scopes....still, she always looks pleased when she unwraps them .

    So I printed out your photo, showed it to my wife and asked her what she thought. She burst into tears, slapped me round the face and asked me "who the f*ck is Susan!"

    Now I'm in the doghouse.....and it's going to be expensive to get out.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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