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Thread: stalking at holkham hall

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    stalking at holkham hall

    Im on holiday this week in thursford,so i booked stalking with glyn from holkham hall.I met up with glyn this evening, and he took me around the estate to show me the park deer. I have never seen so many deer in my life, 1200 fallow deer walking about and 2 big red stags.After showing me the deer, glyn decided we would stalk a parcel of woodland looking for either a roebuck or a fallow buck. We stalked the woodland and saw quite a number of muntys, that saw us and ran off .We came out out of the woodland into a ride, and glyn spotted a munty feeding next to a hopper. As we got closer the munty moved into some deep nettles, so i set my sticks up ready hoping the munty would come out my side. After a few mins munty came out, glyn whistled to stop it moving and i pulled the trigger, one munty in the bag. Glyn decided we would spend the last hour of stalking in a high chair, where he had seen a few roe and fallow But as the light faded nothing of note showed its self apart, from a 4 pointer roebuck that was just to good to shoot. Have to say a real big thanks to glyn, really enjoyed the session and il be back

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    Hi, only just noticed your write up. Glad that you had a good evening. See you whenever you're next over this way. Best wishes, Glyn.

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    a friend of mine worked there installing some electric gates and he sent me some pic's of some mighty looking beasts .

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    Have never met the gent but have heard some very good things about him, only last night in fact. Glad you had a good time in Norfolk.

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    I met Glyn earlier in the year, he took time out to show me around the park the larder and showed me some of the previous antlers from his big red deer.
    An all round genuine guy who is really passionate and knowledgable about deer, he is easy to get along with too which is a great plus.
    In the short time i was there I learned a lot and im sure the stalking venture at Holkham under his guidance will go from strength to strength and i wish him good luck with it. DF

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