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    Hi all you guys,
    Doe stalking. 50.00 a day, shoot all you want. Carcase? Take them away, I don't want them! Morning and evening stalk, pigeon shooting all day, evening stalk and rabbits by lamp light at night. All inclusive price.

    Is this for real? Of course it's not! But I just bet there is someone here who get's it cheaper!

    If you don't like the price, it's simple DON'T GO.

    Sick of reading the same old drivel here, time to take a break and go out with the rifle. Rabbiting in the morning with Gunner. It's free, but I guess that will be too pricey for some on here.

    Good night you whinging lot, sweet dreams of the land where hunters get paid to shoot trophy stags.


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    For a minute there Mark I thought you were talking about the Services Branch of the British Deer Society that shoot on MOD land, then I realised they don't charge anything, let alone 50 a day!!

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