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Thread: Despatch from the colonies............

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    Despatch from the colonies............

    Sat here in the Hyatt in Dearborn, Mi.

    Watching The Hunting University on TV.

    A guy has proudly just shown his 11 year old daughter's first kill - an exemplary Whitetail buck - which she killed stone dead with a H&L shot, from a high seat.

    She climbed the seat without the attendance of H&S officials, composed herself, loaded her rifle, waited for the moment with great patience - and took the shot like a veteran.

    I wonder how this programme would be received on the Beeb?

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    The skycops are looking for her as we speak.

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    jolly good

    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    The skycops are looking for her as we speak.

    very funny!

    It is amazing how different our culture is

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    Hi Charles
    is this another stamp on your "Esso Blue card " that you have possessed since pre millenium, allowing a family trip to bognor! if you get enough! Well I would sooner be where you are than here at the moment ! Our papers would have a field day with all sorts of nonsense,(sniper girl etc) Have the remainder of your trip fruitful, whether business or pleasure, pass on hello to Jon when you see him.
    Regards Trapper

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    Trapper - Esso Blue - I can't remember what that was!

    Jon says hello.

    I am back in Detroit freezing my nuts off this time.

    Where the hell is Bognor?

    Hope all is well,


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    I hope The Hunting University get this show on youtube so I can watch it.

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