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Thread: Hey there :) !

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    Hey there :) !

    I recently took DSC1 last October and got my Shotgun ticket at the end of that December, mainly shoot pigeons and rabbits with my 12g Baikal's (s/s) and (single barrel).

    Have been out on a couple of stalks for Reds and Sika Deer with a guy i know on his land.

    Hoping soon to get a small calibre rifle for rabbits.

    Looking forward to learning some more about Deer Stalking and other types of shooting.

    Thanks, Chris 16 turning 17 soon from Dumfriesshire.

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    Hi chris just watch this site read the topics that interest you and you will learn a lot. Welcome to the site.

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    'get a small calibre' sheesh. Hey, glad you got here even though it took ages. Make sure you get up tomorrow and bring juice this time!

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    Enjoy the site Chris, I'm a fairly new member as well and it's amazing what great advice you pick up from reading different posts!!


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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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