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Thread: argentina dove shooting

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    argentina dove shooting

    has anyone been and what were your thoughts of the trip me and a friend are thinking of going just for the experiance of it all.noel

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    If you take it for what it is you will love it! Went with some keeper pals through Roxtons and had a blast (Ha Ha). Just watch the cartridge charges and set a number in your mind at the start of the day and dont get carried away or you will be in for a shock. Trip of a lifetime.

    I think the guy we spoke to was Adam at Roxtons in Hungerford (I cant find a brouchure but you can search for the website). They were the same price as the others but were APTA approved so if it all went tits up we were covered under the insurance.

    Report back if you go.

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    I've been with David Denies which was top end but amazing, 3000 cartridges for 2135 doves in 1.5 days, could easily have shot more than that if i'd wanted and their lodges are amazing, it was too much and I wouldn't do it again but i'm glad i've done it once. Here's where I was:

    Dove Shooting. Córdoba, Argentina. - La Dormida Lodge

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    thanks guys for the replies .this is it i think it may be to much for me anyway but i want to be able to say i tried it out for the experiance alone .noel

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    I shot with H&H Outfitters 4 years ago, outstanding!! 5k cartridges included in price, would go again tomorrow, price has increased since then quite a bit, shot every type of bird. Not boring stuff over sunflowers, in the hills and valleys. Went with Gary Wilson, top bloke for a short ar.ed Englishman.


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    Hey Hammy been twice with Gary to Argentina and H & H.
    Brill time only the flight is to long.

    Me and Mr Wilson could tell you a few stories down in La Pampa



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