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Thread: Reloading data for Steyr scout .243

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    Reloading data for Steyr scout .243

    Hi all,

    Can anyone out there help me with some reloading data?
    I've recently bought a .243 Steyr scout which I started running 87gn V-max through failry well. These are now becoming more difficult to find due to the lack of export from the USA. I've only got about 30 left.

    Does anyone else use different weights / makes of bullet in their scout ? I want to get it sorted before I run out !

    I've got a Remy .243 Ackley which I run 105gn Hornady A-max to great effect. Would these be too heavy for the scout, and will they expand enough for deer ?


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    It's likely your Mannlicher has a 1-10 twist & won't like 105gn bullets too much. Although mine was a Stutzen, the barrels are similar length with same twist. Under 100gn worked much better & I found the Nosler 95gn Ballistic Tip a superb performer. When it comes to Red & Sika Stags though, you'd best be very accurate with your shot!
    I just don't think the bullet is a great choice for these beast....everything else, just fine.

    If your barrel has a 1-9 twist or tighter, 105gn may be perfect.
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    That's great, thanks.
    I was looking today at both the 95gn nosler or 95gn hornady SST. An RFD I know suggested that the SST would be better on deer than the 87gn v-max as the v-max may break up on impact, but the SST would allow some degree of penetration before deforming. V-max could break up too near the surface and damage meat without necessarily killing cleanly.
    Seemed to make sense to me.
    Will break in the barrel with a mix of v-max and factory stuff I have left over and look at loads from there. See how it handles the 87gn v-max and the 100gn federal factory stuff.

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    MidwayUK have 87gr VMax and a few other bullets: *** 652 *** 19785 *** 9016 ***

    Regards JCS

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