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Thread: 1st load

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    1st load

    just done my first loads,im getting a lot of powder marks on the neck and soot like on the case,is this low pressure.
    whats the next step.

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    Can you give a bit more info please ie. calibre, powder/quantity, bullet weight/type, is the "soot" just on the neck or on the shoulder too. Thanks

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    sorry should have put more info.

    nosler 120BT
    lapua case
    44gn rl19
    cci primer

    im testing how far off the lands ,so started at 10t,30,20 .grouping wise the 20t was far better ,must say it surpised me how good compared to factory load.

    on the 30t there was soot all the way down the case and a bit on the others.


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    You don't say what calibre. 6.5 55 maybe? have you tried other powder weights, is 44gr the start load with rl19 if so it may well be that the pressure is low and the case is not expanding to fit the chamber allowing propellant gas back between the case and the chamber wall. I have experienced soot on the case necks before but not as far down the case as you describe. Perhaps someone with more experience will be able to shed some more light on the problem.

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    1st load

    nosler list the best load to be 44.5 max 48 and it is 6.5x55,will try a larger load.
    many thanks for the replys.

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    I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs but IF it were me I'd make up 4 or 5 at 44.5 gr the same at 45gr and so on up to near max load,all the same OAL, wait for a calm day and try them in order, checking for high pressure signs as you go. Use a different target for each group and it should become clear what weight powder gives the tightest group. I do my testing at a minimum of 200yds as it is easier to see the differences between groups. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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    1st load

    so far i've got to 46g and its grouping just right with each hole over lapping. .and 20t off the lands .that was all using the fired cases.

    do you think it will make much difference on the new, not fired cases.

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    Sounds like 46gr is the load then. Have you still got the soot problem? Are you full length or neck sizing? if just the necks you may get better groups from the fired cases.If looking for best accuracy I try to keep my cases at the same number of firings EG you have 2 cases together 1 having been fired once and another fired 5 times the neck tension will be different due to the brass around the neck being harder from working on the 5 times fired case. (I hope that makes sense)

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    1st load

    the fired cases im neck sizing , the new for soot im still getting a little bit .
    i must say it was a good feeling see that sort of group was being to think this was not for me.
    just made up another 10.

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    Sooty necks are normal, soot past the shoulder (obturation) is not. Are the primers flattened out, was recoil excessive compared to factory rounds? Make sure you chamber clean rounds, anything with lube/oil on will batter you and the rifle.

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