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Thread: Holiday, Estate Agents and Firearms

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    Holiday, Estate Agents and Firearms


    I am going on holiday in a months time. Our house is for sale. We've been doing viewings ourselves so far, but the agents have offered to show people round while we're away.

    We don't want to miss any potential viewings as we're keen to sell. However, I am wondering whether I can give the Estate Agents the keys when my guns are still in the house or whether I will need to take them to my RFD to look after.

    I will consult my FEO on Monday and will hopefully get a definitive answer (for my force at least). However, I wondered if anyone has any experiences they could share on this subject.



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    If in doubt RFD them and there can be no security issues.

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    Somehow although the need to sell is apparent there is no way I would let someone have the keys to the property whilst my guns would be there and I am not.. Storage is the only option IMHO.

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    I think I will arrange the storage and not bother ringing the FEO. Thank you for the replies.


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    Bob, I think I would also make a point of telling the estate agent not to show ANYONE where your gun cabinet is kept!!

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    Ah, the bedroom that can't be viewed. BDSM etc........


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    I've arranged storage and have deliberately not told the agent where the cabinets are.

    I hope we get a viewing now. Seems like a lot of hassle if not.

    Thanks for your advice and I will enjoy the holiday more in the knowledge that my guns are safe.



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