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Thread: Day in the Lakes

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    Day in the Lakes

    Just wanted to share a visit i made to to the lakes this week. I have recently undergone an operation and been off work made a call to a mate and he invited the family and me upto to his house for a few days chilling "put the rifle in and bring some bullets we'll got out to a high seat" was the last comment.

    so off we went on wednesday morning and like a kid before christmas day (always like it when i go stalking) hadn't slept with excitment. After a pleasant drive from the urban sprawl up the M6 and couple of stops n a picnic on route we arrived to the green lush area of the southern lakes where there are plenty of reds and roe. After the usaual lovely welcome. I was informed be ready for 18.30 got to be in the seat for 19.00 staggies only nothing bigger.

    As i crept into my seat all i could hear was the sound of bird life and mozzies. Once in position chambered a cartridge in me rifle safety applied I began to glass the large open grassed area surrounded by wet banks and mature trees and shrubs. It felt like i was in an ampheatre listening to natures concert all around me. The urban sprawl was a distant memory. On glassing the ground straight away I could see ginger shapes in the grass a maximum of 200 yards away. i eagerly watched as various groups of hinds and their calfs happily browsed away appearing from no more than a tussock,Foblivious to my presence. First there was two then six then eight and as the minutes ticked away the numbers swelled to 20 and then another group of 30 and sods law not a staggie or a royal in sight. A Red Kite flew past and then a bat and the a Barn owl, this was great and made a mental not to bring the camcorder next time.

    Through the trees i saw beasts moving to the right where i knew my mate was also lay in wait, although i couldnt tell the sex just figures like ghosts. i noted that there was about half hour of light left and felt our luck was out then crack thud. tell tale sound of a bullet released and hitting home. With the reflex of a cat my rifle was brought to the ready position as i knew they would turn and run back towards me.

    My group of hinds stood rigid looking round for movement and then carried on feeding and in the distance i could hear voices clearly as a gralloch was taking place then i heard heavy foot traffic and through my scope they came into to view, cautious at first. Hinds 10,15,20 30 and then the tell antlers of a couple of staggies in the middle. I checked the path of the lead hinds and planned my shot and as they strung out the staggie was mid group a safe shot. My heart was pumping trigger on set, 150 yards and a safe back stop. i slowed my breathing and waited. All i could hear now was my heart. He hesitated and as i thought my 140grain twin core away thud and a leap up and forward. I knew the bullet had hit home and in the mellae lost sight of him, then crashing and all the front and rear hinds looking to the centre and i guessed his position.

    Rifle made safe and once i was sure no other shots were presentable i made sure i was clear and located him dead, 40 yards from where he stood when the bullet was released a quick gralloch and 100 yards drag and my operation wound began to hurt. My two other stalkers completed the 400 yard drag and back at the larder two red staggies hung ready for the dealer. Cleaned and dressed 55kg and 66kg fantastic how much they grow in a year.

    What a cracking day in the lakes. Steyer 6.5

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    Good stuff well done, hope your recovery continues well and that life is now back to normal for you.

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    cheers my life is never normal but thanks for the comments

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    A really nice write up, felt like I was there with you!!!. The South Lakes is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on a successful trip and hope you have a speedy recovery..

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    cheers chap. im back home and hoping me numbers come up tonight ill buy a place monday if i win. while i was driving around saw roe everywhere saw mom n twins 30 FEET from road. Beautiful Buck from another road within 100 yards. Right near to houses and centre of Ambleside another doe 19.00 happy as larry browsing got pick of her. Its a stalkers heaven, my missus keeps saying "big window, big window" ha ha

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    Cracking time you had up there, well done a way to get yourself felling better. happy days

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    An enjoyable write up, thanks for sharing your day.

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    Real good write up,nice to hear when it all comes together ,hope you are soon fit.

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    Cracking read.
    Its great up our way

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