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Thread: missing cocker

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    Cross posted to other forums.
    Good luck in finding her.
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    I hope you get her back mate.

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    missing cocker

    hi lads, the wifes a member of nssr thought it would be best to cross post this over the forums its not my dog. Just hope people get the girl back

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    This kind of thing is happening more often these days. sad really.
    Contact woody stock and his girlfriend will give you web sites and shelters she contacted when lilha got stolen. I'll speak to him and let them know. they were very lucky they got lilha back after 4 weeks, she was stolen in oxfordshire and found in south wales. The shooting times is going to do an article of it in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed for you

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    Fingers crossed for you, we also have a chocolate cocker bitch and would be lost without her. Seem to be more of these reports sadly.

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    hi lads, this dog is not mine put on here so as many eyes as possible can keep an eye out regards tony

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    good news, dog has been returned by 3 good hearted, pikey scumbags. Im thinking the dog got too hot to handle

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    Excellent result! I wonder why thees people are so suprised that society that come into contact with them can't find a good word to say about them. Living outside of society but with all the perks that we pay for. I could go on, but it's early on a Sunday, why spoil the whole day?

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    Might be worth asking Alex (csl) or Jayb for a short sticky with some quick info for tracing lost dogs, nothing too prolonged, just somewhere to get started straight away, time is usually of importance in these matters.
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