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Thread: Help finding jeep spares

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    Help finding jeep spares

    Hi Guys
    i have an old Izuzu double-cab pick-up 51 plate i need a new or used fuel tank for it ive been trying for 3 days to source one but no luck so far, there is a back order of 6 weeks on a new one that would cost 600 the price isnt a problem i need the vehicle on the road asap if anyone can help me find one i will be happy to have them for a couple of outings on roe or on boar free of charge you will only need to pay your own B&B
    The part number is 8971124961 and model of the vehicle is TFS55
    I only want help to find the part
    2771cc guys pick-up has a different chassis to the trooper
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    Maybe repair the one you've got?

    POR-15 Car Tank Repair Kit | Frost Auto Restoration Techniques

    I've not tried it on car tanks but this stuff works well on rusty bike tanks.

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    their is some tanks on american ebat but for us model and wasnt the vauxhall brava the same chassis as old isuzus not 100% surte but worth a try

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    pm sent

    ha ha filled your inbox

    clear some messages!
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    Part of the problem is the return pipe has broken off at the tank so leaking there
    and think maybe drawing air through there , engine will start but cant rev it
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    have you tried Hills in Skelmersdale? One of the largest scrappies in the country. I could deliver it for you if they have one in.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Webby ,I think you are right on the Vauxhall Brava i will try that option aswell ,Cheers
    Tony , will try them on Monday Im using an old 306 its struggles goin up Criffel
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    Have left them the details Tony
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    have you tried milner of road they stock alot of parts i get stuff for my old isizu crew cab, also try dalcrew 4x4 salvage at perth they can send stuff down to you over night not a bad service they give.
    all the best adie

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    Tried em both Adrian no luck with either Milner said its a genuine dealer part needed, Dalcrew had a couple
    of breakers in but tanks were gone
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