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Thread: Nissan Pathfinder - Hit, Miss Or Maybe?

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    Nissan Pathfinder - Hit, Miss Or Maybe?


    Thinking about getting a Nissan Pathfinder as my company car.

    I know they're meant to be fairly capable off-road, but I'll mainly be using it for motorway driving (approx 35k miles p/yr).

    Can anyone tell me what they're like and if they'd recommend it? The one I'm looking at is the 2.5dci Tekna

    alternatively, what is the Hilux Invincible like on the roads?


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    I personally don't think they are worth the risk. The quality of Nissan vehicles has dropped to rock bottom since Renault took over running the show.

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    I train occupational users in both, Hilux all the way, best reliability, better off road, slightly more commercial on road as you would expect being a pick up but i've done london to carlisle without requiring a chiropractor (unlike my old defender). The Western Australian emergency services will only venture on extended patrols into the outback in a toyota as they tell me it's the only one they'll trust their lives to!

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    I have got a 2010 Pathfinder tekna and it is excellent in my opinion.

    Also had a 2007 Pathfinder sport a few years before and when fitted with a set of BFG AT's looked the part and was great off road.

    The current 2010 I have has road tyres still at the mo but is fine off road. It is also very sweet to drive on long runs, did a run to newquay a few weeks ago and it was lovely, averaging around 35 mpg.

    The Tekna model has all the bells and whistles too

    Any more questions, let me know.

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    I like the look of the path finders!

    But I use a Hilux Invincible for towing and stalking, I've done 25k in mine in One year, it is now a year old and it can only be described as brilliant..I have all trrain tyres on it but it returns 29mpg even whilst towing and its motorway manners and long 5th gear are absolutley great for 80mph cruising.

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    I had a Pathfinder T-Spec ( 55 plate, had it for 3 years), go rid of if a year ago for a landcruiser. They are a nice car, okay MPH wise bit noisy engine wise. In my opinion there okay but for if your on the motorway alot look elsewhere they are noisy and I think it needs a 3.0lr engine it is far rom slow just a bit noisey.

    We got rid of our becuase we had problems with the driver side door locking and not being ulockable from the inside addiionally Nissan in here infinate wisdom attached the Aliminium air conditioning coolant pipes to the steel chassie which rotted through ( 1500 to replace the pipes) so it went. as your's is a company car running cost won't be a problem.

    Off road wise it's a capable vehicle although hasn't got he ground clearance of the hilux, split rear door is handy and the load space is good.

    Would I have one again, possibly...

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    Guys, thanks for the info!!

    Went to the Chatsworth Country Fair today and had a look at a Hilux and Navara they had on show.

    Bit disappointed with the Hilux to be fair. I know it's a commercial vehicle, but it reminded me of a transit van inside! Quite impressed with the Navara though, but dont think I'd get either of them on the driveway!!



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    Google before you think of buying a Nissan and then make your mind up.

    Lapua 243

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    forget it - I'm getting this next

    anyone want my grand cherokee?

    modification web site you'll need to bring your car to Norway or Iceland though..
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