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Thread: why do some people use this forum a toilet wall instead of its intended purpose

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    why do some people use this forum a toilet wall instead of its intended purpose

    sorry for upsetting any body with my last postings but i did them during lunch useing a generic question for help and advice which i posted to a number of sites any mistakes i have made not proof reading before posting,but i never had the time. also i copied and pasted it to various sites this which went wrong garrbaling my question. which i corrected later i was surprised to see some of the comments left as it reminded me of the toilet wall in some schools and workplaces.
    where mindless morons bullies and cowards make comments and accusations about people they do not even know what gies them the right
    what if i was disabled or had trouble useing a keyboard does this mean i cant be a member of the ds as it happens i am not of the above or a scam artist as suggested by some people who left comments they can pm me and arrange a meeting frank exchange of views.
    lets leave the play ground and get back to the forum
    many thanks to 375.mag paul at barrony and finnbear for possitive advice

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    As a new member to this site I am sorry if anyone off this site has behaved in an inappropraite manner. The greater majority on this site are very decent hard working honest people who love their stalking and generally want to offer help and advice.

    I am aware that things are said about myself on other sites, so what!! poor twats, thats one way they can release their pent up anger and as a rule they are arm chair stalkers.

    Let it wash over you, and please dont be afraid to ask on this site, thats why this site is head and shoulders above the rest

    Let me know if I can be of help if you need a help with stalking a deer and gaining some experience.

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    as sika has said apoligies if you have been upset by some comments i have read them and i can see were you are coming from just stick with it and you will pick up loads of tips of this site as we are all goodies realy


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    thanks for your reply.
    your right just got a message from a member that will help me get started boar shooting it will be another string to my bow. as i allready deerstalk fox and rough shoot you cannot get out there enough its great i,m off to Scotland next week on a couple of days .
    all the best

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    ive found that on forums there is the usual mix on people as you get in real life , it just seems the assholes are more pronounced because they sit behind a keyboard,,

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    Well said Pilgrim good luck with your shooting and feel free to ask any questions you like on here !!

    If that trip to Scotlands to see Solwaystalker i can vouch for him you will have agreat time !

    375 Mag
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