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Thread: Got a few questions... Scopes and safes?

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    Question Got a few questions... Scopes and safes?

    Most people on here (including myself) say you should get the best scope you can afford for a centre fire rifle, but what about a rimfire? I have a lovely little CZ Brno Mod2-e from 1977 (or that was when it was proofed) it has a creepy trigger and battle wounds but I love it taken a couple of rabbits at 120 yards and don't often miss. It cost me £50 as the bolt that came with it did not function properly and my dad a hobby gunsmith sorted that out and cut the barrel down and threaded it for a sak moderator. It currently wears a hawke 3-9x40 scope which cost £40 plus £20 for rings. But I was thinking about putting a schmidt and bender 6x42 on it, what are your opinions?

    Now question 2. Gun cabinets. some of you on here only have a couple of gun, but those of you who have 7/8+ what do you do about storage? do you have multiple gun cabinets or 1 large one, I am a member of a gun club and have been acquiring more rifles steadily but have run out of room some of the american safes are very attractive but out of my price range and have not found that much on the web.

    Final question. As I am a member of a gun club I have rather a lot of ammo allowance 1500 .22 + 750 .22 Expanding, 1000 .357, 1000 308/7.62, 300. 243 Expanding. I already have an separate ammo/pistol cabinet which isn't that big. Been looking at the brattonsound large ammo box although don't like the 2 point locking system, any other suggestions.

    Many thanks. Sorry that it was long winded and a lot to take in.
    CZ Mod 2e .22 ~ AI AE 6.5x47 ~ Sako M591 .308

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    With regard to your .22 rimfire and the Hawke 3-9 scope I would stick with it and spend the money on a good gun cabinet.
    Your Hawke scope is more than adequate fo any Bunnies you will encounter.


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    I have 2 cabinets, it is no problem. You don't need a fancy safe to store ammo in, a digital safe for £40 from CPC on offer was fine by my FEO and less keys to look after.

    I have a Hawke scope on my HMR and it's fine under the lamp. I have to use the lamp sooner than if you have a Zeiss/S&B/Swaro but the bunnies die and zero hasn't moved in a year with a couple of thousand rounds through it.

    If money was no issue I'd have good glass, but there is no need (cf deer stalking where most shooting done on the limit of light and no artificial illumination allowed)

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    For safes, I use 2 Brattonsound RL5+ safes. Could have gone with one larger safe, but the dimensions of the 2 safes together fitted the available space I had best. I don't currently have a separate ammo safe, but use the 2 locking tops
    As for rimfire scopes, I prefer a 1in tube. Personally I like the old 3-9x36 swarovski but whether you want/need high-end glass is up to you. The Leupold 1in tube scopes are also nice and you can order the parallax set to whatever range you like e.g. 50yards or have adjustable.

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    For larger amounts of ammunition storage have you considered a shot gun cabinet. often can be brought S/h as some FEO's are demanding better cabinets. I go to the local sheet metal worker who cuts steel sheet and welds it in to make shelves and Voila the perfect ammunition storage. Before at the flat i had a two break down shotgun cabinet from Brattonsound mounted lengthways beneath the two 7 gun rifle cabinets for the ammunition. Drilled them and bolted all three together with 8 mm bolts so if you wanted one you have to pry all three off as one unit so it had 12 rawl bolts holding it to the wall.

    1000 rds of 7.62x51 takes up a lot of room and no way would it fit in those darned silly little lockers in the top of a cabinet.

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