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Thread: Reloading Books/ References,

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    Reloading Books/ References,

    OK Guys/ n Gals ,
    Just about to take my steps into Reload !I have a mentor !in your opinion
    WHAT BOOK ( ESSENTIALLY )should I use as my guide !!! so many out there .
    Regards Trapper

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    Hello Buddie,

    I got the bite for reloading and enjoy it, I read about 4 books to start with, borrowed the first couple then bought from members on here the other 2.

    Here is what I would recommend-

    Modern Reloading 2nd Edition.

    Speer Reloading Vol12

    Good Luck


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    I second "Modern Reloading, Volume II" You'll have a wealth of data at your fingertips regarding pressures, powder volumes and, of course, the mechanics of reloading. ~Muir

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    Thanks TJ/ Muir
    Modern reloading edition 2 ordered ! Speers vol 14 in the can purely coz its the latest edition, I have the the ABC OF RELOADING
    by Bill Chevalier
    cheers me deers

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    THINK i HAVE ENOUGH TO GET ME STARTED. My BRAIN HURTS THANKS FOR POSTS AND PMS. Will post results of tests as appropriate
    Thanks to all Trapper

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    i 3rd modern reloading vol 2,ive just started reloading myself for .223 & .243. i brought the lee anerversary kit & just bought a few extras & thats basically all you need

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