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Thread: Best foxing Calibre

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    Best foxing Calibre

    Just wanted to know thoughts on this. Which do you think is best and why? What are the pro and cons, ie some super flat clibres are hot and tend to eat barrels etc..your thoughts please.

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    .20 tac , fast , flat , accurate and cheap to load for , off the shelve .22-250

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    I will second the .20 Tac

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    As most foxing is at night with a lamp within 200yards you dont need a super flat shooting caliber. you need one that bucks the wind and hits hard if you miss hit [which we all do] so i reccomend a 243 with 75g v-max ammo.


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    will second bornfree 243 all the way foxing does not always give you perfect angles, and split seconds to put charlie on the floor, the 243 will make good the kill, safe back stop quickly back on to mr fox and send him a goodnight pill !!! 0-200 yards wind no wind 243 will nail him

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    Nice cheap & efficient,..............223, 24.8 grains N133, 40grain Nosler only very low %age pass thru's good to 300yds @ 3600fps. will be trying .17 fireball soon.
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    What are the advantages of a .223 over the 22.250 apart from ammo costs? Last year I was after 22.250 but ended up buying a 223 as it was such a good deal, Finnbear put me on to it and once I got the ammo right (Sako)it shoots spot on and I love using it. Federal and Remmington were all over the place when I was zeroing it.

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    Less noise.
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    I too have .223 both only reason why is I can use it for Munti and the shots I take for fox arent ultra long shots. Have to say it is very very accurate, though I reload.

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    On paper the 22/250 is a lot more fuss for a little extra velocity over a 222 or 223. I shot hundreds of foxes over the years with a 222 and loved it. However, once you get into using a 22/250, you won't go back.

    On paper the 22/250 has maybe 300-400 FPS over the 223 in similar bullets, lets say an extra 10% velocity. In practise, it seems to hit a lot harder and shoot a lot flatter than the 222 or 223. I am currently shooting 552gr A-max's and they are really smashing foxes.

    However, I would not feel at all under gunned with the 223. I would load up 50gr V-max good and fast and be really happy. I am going to rebarrel my 22/250 in the New Year with an 8" twist, I want to see how it does with 65-70gr bullets.

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