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Thread: Saturday Morning Outing

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    Saturday Morning Outing

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ID:	8976As it would have been my only chance of getting out for the next couple of weeks i had arranged to go out for a stalk on Saturday morning.
    Lying in bed i could hear the rain bouncing off the land rover parked in the drive, thinking do i get up or just turn over & go back to sleep. Finlay gave up got out of bed at about 05.30 got ready & head out to the wood.
    When i got there the light was just starting to come in so quickly got my self ready & off i went, after about 5 min of walking it was clear that i had made a bad choice, should have stayed in bed, well here now lets make to most of it.
    Had been walking for about 45 min rain was starting run run down my neck my trousers where getting heavy with the water that they where soaking up.
    The mist had started to come down the rain was still falling hard defiantly not one of my better ideas to go out stalking.
    Thought sod this turned around & started to head back i spied the head of a red stag, only problem was that he had spotted me & started heading back to wards the forest. between where he was & the forest there is deep gully so i new he could not go directly back to the wood, I stayed low & back tracked for about 150m i lost sight of him, i new what direction he was heading the last time i saw him so i waited for a bit. Then i spotted his head moving threw the bracken going in the direction that i had just come from dam he had out smarted me so i quickly head back where i had just come from when i got there no sign of the stag. Well i had my chance, then i saw him standing by the fence about 20m away i was on my knee's with only time for a quick shot rifle up safety off lined up the shot pulled the trigger & click. Had i forgot to load a round or was it a misfire quickly opened the bolt & it had been a misfire chambered another round, by this time the stag was heading behind some low hanging branches maybe time for another try before loosing I'm into the wood rifle up lined up for my second attempt pulled the trigger & bang no misfire this time, heard the bullet strike it target. Headed over the where i had shot him and he had managed to cross the fence & was lying in a ditch a nice clean 8 pointer
    After the gralloch i head back to threw the wood to the car & home for a change of clothes & a coffie before getting the trailer & quad bike out & spending the next 3 1/2 hours getting him out.

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    nice animal and a good read, lucky you had the quad

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    very well done great read really enjoyed it

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    Well done John, Im glad you manage to get a stag in that sort of weather.


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    Hi Frans

    Got him where you took the shot on your stag.
    Had to get him out on my own, reminder to myself take someone with you when you go to get a red deer from that area.
    taking the shot is the easy part.
    Could right another thread just on the antics i got up to trying to get him out.


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    Bet your heart sank when you heard that 'click'.....but at least you got a result in the end, so you can tell yourself "I DID do the right thing getting up and ignoring the rain...". That's GOT to be worth a beer!
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Congrats Macky!

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