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Thread: Blaser R93 or R8?

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    Blaser R93 or R8?

    I have used a Blaser R93 .243 for the past 18 months and I am very happy with it, I had a look at a new Blaser R8 recently and was impressed by this. I hope to get a barrel in a different calibre in the future but before doing so I am considering getting the newer (R8) model. Has anyone had experience of both models and which do you prefer?

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    I have not had a R93 but I do have the R8.
    Overall I am happy with mine, although a bit heavy with a big scope on and a mod.
    10.5 lbs
    No R93 parts except from the mount are interchangeable with the R8.

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    The lack of interchangeability of barrels between the R93 & R8 is one possible reason for upgrading to the R8, my R93 is not screwcut so I haven't been able to try it with a mod fitted.

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    not had any experience with R93 only to try one on a range .
    bought the R8 and am over the moon with it no regrets .
    just liked the idea of the detachable mag and didnt want to buy a 93 and wish i had of
    gone for an R8 . regards pete .

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    i bought a r93 was worried about loss of mag/trigger unit and the thought of any dirt or heather/grass getting in the unit when you take it out to reload

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    I have the R8 in 243 and 308. The 243 has had a fair amount of use in poor conditions (foxing) and has been fine so far, it remains to be seen what the wear is like longer term on some of the exposed workings. Excellent trigger and very accurate barrels. The scope removal and replacement works without any re-zeroing. Would like a more positive 'click' when pushing the mag/trigger assembly into position.

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    + 1 as good as it gets. the r93 shoot as good as r8 for less money the choise is yours

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    Either and you won't go far wrong.
    Only decision is detachable mag or not ?
    The R8 mag/trigger can be locked if preferred.
    Both stupidly accurate rifles.

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    i just bought r93 professtional in 300 win mag and im putting a scope swroski blastic turent on it,any suggestion and where to buy bag and sling for it in uk,regards

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