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Thread: weekend stalking

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    weekend stalking

    hi all weel how things just after some quick info,
    im just about to deploy to iraq for yet another 6 monthswith the british army and looking at spending a weekend in the uk stalking either red or roe when i return im not bothered about weather hind does bucks or stags as to be honest trophies dont bother me any more grown out of it i guess.
    the only drama i would have is a rifle and would need to borrow a rifle if this is possible im sure it would be.
    Further to that ihave a friend whois a novice and looking to start it as future hobby think would be a good time as any to help him on his way.
    sirs ladies and gentlemen if any one can help in any way shape or form please let me know prices etc and look forward to hearing from you all soon

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    Hi Gareth,
    If you are in the British Army get in touch with your local branch of the Defence Deer Management group.
    That will put you on the road to free stalking on MOD land, you get to keep the carcasses or revenue from them to offset the cost of your stalking too.

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    garr pm me where you live as regards to somerset
    we have a b and b farmhouse opposite us you would
    have to pay for .
    but as you are off to iraq fighting for our country i will take
    you and your friend stalking for free my friiend .
    i have plenty of roe here on my patch
    i will supply rifle etc . pete .

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    hi all i would like to thank you all for your replies ascant wait toget this next 6 to 9 months done and out the way then i can get my life sorted out and back on the road and get some seriuos stalking done again in fact i cant wait to be honest and to say the least i dont know about my friend but i would be looking at rejoining a stalking syndiacte when i return as for where i am at the mo im currently in germany where i will also be when returning from iraq but travel to uk is not a problem at all hope to hear from you all soon cheers gareth

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