I wanted to combine a trip to Devon to see an old friend with some stalking so after some research I contacted Ian Farrington from this site.
Because of the timing of my visit accomodation at Ian's wasn't available so I'll have to go back again soon to sample Jo's cooking.
After checking the zero on my rifle and getting some great advise on how to use sticks we set off in search of our quarry.

After a short drive Ian pulled up and we surveyed the surrounding fields, Ian spotted a deer in a field on the other side of the valley! Back in the truck and off we went, once there we kitted up and set off. After a careful stalk the deer turned out to be a doe on her own so we continued down into the valley to sit and to see if anything would show.
As the light started to fade Ian suggested we make our way back and check out the field that we spotted the doe in earlier. As we made our way through a gateway Ian suddenly stopped crouched down and placed the sticks, from the instructions Ian had given me earlier this meant only one thing I crept over and placed my rifle on the sticks, Ian's tip on using the sticks whilst kneeling came into its own I placed the crosshairs onto a young buck that had come out of the wood I took the the shot and the buck dropped where he stood we waited a short while then made our approach. After checking the animal was dead Ian gralloched him and placed him in his roe sac ( great bit of kit must get one).

The following morning after creeping out of my b&b at 3.45 I met up with Ian and we made our way to another of his permissions. We arrived before light and waited, eagle eye again spotted deer in the far distance and we set off to intercept them.

We made our way across the 3 fields that separated us from our quarry as quickly and quietly as possible and were doing so well when a bullock decided he didn't appreciate us disturbing his rest and decided to trot in circles between us and the deer.

Needless to say the deer vanished, after which the 'beast' went off to catch up on his sleep. We continued our stalk and managed to get within shooting distance of a very nice roe buck but sadly the roe were to be left alone on this farm .

After checking a nearby field for signs of deer activity we made our way back to the truck.

All in all I had a great time thanks to Ian and would reccomend anyone going down Devon way to look him up.