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Thread: Looking for a BIPOD & Binoculars

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    Looking for a BIPOD & Binoculars

    Has anyone got a spare bipod they would like to part with?

    Also after a reasonable pair of Binos at a reasonable price, I do not expect something for nothing but if there is a good bargain out there over the next few weeks can you let me know as Wadas shot my other ones at Malcs last week sure it will have been aired or will be at some point very soon!!!

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    Now, I had kept quiet about that, but the bloody things were useless and shooting them did them nothing but good.


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    Don't know what sort of money you are wanting to spend, have a look here.



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    Cheers John

    I will take a look TJ looking to spend as little as poss but if a really top class pair came along at a good price would look seriously at raising some extra cash .. sell off a couple of Frans handbags on ebay lol lots

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    I found these guys seem very reasonable prices if anyone else is looking

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